June Featured Club Member

Curt and Norene Demaline

Here is a little ditty about us. Norene and I are thankful for the opportunity to introduce ourselves in a little more detail to the club. Norene and I purchased our first Mustang in 1998. A laser red GT convertible. We had it almost 20 years. It was during those years I first learned about the club. Having attended the Club Car Show at Abraham Ford. Unfortunately I worked 3rd shift so it wasn't practical to join at that time. We had to sell the convertible which we immediately regretted. I retired in 2017 and Norene retired in 2019. We bought our current 2008 GT Mustang in May 2018 and that's when we joined the Club. Our grey GT fastback had very low mileage and was in excellent shape. We've added a few personal touches to make it our own. We've enjoyed the 4 years that we've been members, and we look forward to meeting everyone and working on projects when possible.

Norene and Curt Demaline