February Featured Club Member

David Stefanowicz

With great pleasure, feature club member for February is David Stefanowicz! As many of you know Dave is also the founder/president of Muscle Mustangs-Ohio. Dave has been a huge help with the club when it comes to helping with raffle baskets! Enjoy Dave, and thank you for being a member and our friend.

Hello all, my name is David Stefanowicz. I have a 2014 Mustang known as Slice of Life.

I am the Owner/Founder and President of Muscle Mustangs-Ohio.

When I purchased the Mustang, it was just to be a daily driver, nothing special.

Well it wasn't long until I got Mustang fever and made a few little changes to the Mustang over the years.

My favorite Mustang is the 1993 Foxbody.

I have always been a fan of the Ford Mustang. My Grandfather bought one of the first 1964 1/2 Mustangs sold in Cleveland. He kept that Mustang until 1974.

I come from a big drag racing family. Mostly running Gassers in the 70's and early 80's and pitting with some of the best legends of racing.

I started Muscle Mustangs-Ohio in late 2015. The group was started just to bring Mustang owners together, share help and to meet up for shows or just to hang out at a local cruise. I didn't think it was going to turn out as big as it is today.

As of now we have 2842 member from across the state of Ohio, PA, Michigan and Indiana.

My Mustang experience started back in 2014 when I became involved with the Buckeye Stangs. They held the largest All Mustang Show in Ohio at Summit Racing Equipment.

I think it was the Buckeye Stang show in 2016 when I met with Wayne Peters and Guy Reph. At that first meeting with them, I offered to help getting raffle prizes for their annual show and from there my involvement in the club has grown.

You'll always find me at a club event with a beer in one hand, a camera in the other. After events, I will flood the Facebook page with photos.

Members and groups members come from all walks of life. Most always willing to lend you a hand in a time of need and my family has experienced this first hand.

For this we are grateful for finding such a large group of caring people.

So most of these friends have turned into family.

All I can say is the Mustang community is one of the BEST around and it all started over a car.