January Featured Club Member

Ron Henehan

Hi fellow members, I am honored to be selected as the feature member for January so here is my story. I have been an electrical engineer for 46 years now, and have run several companies related to that field. I’m 66 now and very close to retirement.  I wasn’t always a car guy, more a boater and fisherman.  I love to look for stuff for sale, so in 2009 I was helping my brother-in-law Rob look for a Mustang to buy.  We found the ‘66 he still has, and it got me thinking I need one too.  So I found and bought a ‘71 Mach 1 in Columbus, just like the Bond car in the movie. I never tried to drive on two wheels though.  Couple years later I went to look at a ‘69 Shelby being sold by club member Dave Hassen who told me about the great club he belongs to, so I joined in 2012.  I like to try different stuff so since then I have owned the ‘71 Mach 1, ‘70 Mach 1, ‘69 Mach 1, ‘03 T-bird, ‘04 T-bird, ‘90 Fox GT, and ‘93 Fox Feature Car.  I spent a couple years looking for an ’06 GT-H Hertz car and finally found a good one up in Michigan in 2012.  Nancy went with me for the test drive, first time I ever drove a newer Shelby.  I looked down at the speedo and was going like 100 in no time, sold.  When the 2016 Hertz cars came up for sale I was able to find and buy the matching CSM number car in 2018, both are CSM 0058.  The best part about being a NCMCO member is all the great people I have met through the club. I enjoy working with the members at our events, which is a great way to make new friends and get a lot of exercise!  Learned a lot about Fords along the way. And the Piston Power shows are great, I think I’ve done four of them with the club.

Have a great 2022!